Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Deific Obediences for Eberron Deities

The Silver Flame

LG God of Exorcism, Crusades, and Protection
Obedience: Light a small candle, sprinkling the flame with powdered silver, and pray over it until it goes out. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Sense Motive checks.
Exalted Boons
1: Light of the World (Sp) burning hands 3/day, align weapon (good or lawful only) 2/day, or continual flame 1/day
2: Righteous Strike (Sp) Once per day, you can channel the effects of holy smite through your weapon. You must declare your use of this ability before you roll your attack. On a hit, the target is affected as if targeted with holy smite.
3: Faithful Archer (Ex) You are particularly skilled at using the Silver Flame’s favored weapon. When using a longbow, you add your Wisdom bonus on attack and damage rolls against targets within 30 feet.


NG Goddess of Fertility, Plant Life, and Abundance
Obedience: Stand outdoors basking in the fresh air for at least 1 hour and predict the weather for the day. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Knowledge (Nature) checks.
Exalted Boons
1: Salt of the Earth (Sp) entangle 3/day, barkskin 2/day, or plant growth 1/day
2: Arawai’s Embrace (Sp) Once per day, you can summon 1d3+1 assassin vines to aid you in combat for 1 round per level.
3: Forest Friend (Ex) You gain a treant companion to permanently aid you. If it dies, you may call another one after 1 week. During this week, your attack rolls and saving throws take a -2 penalty.


LN God of Lore and Magic
Obedience: Inscribe blessings to Aureon, arcane formulae, and lines of prayer on a blank parchment. Don’t inscribe a complete spell—only notations sufficient to potentially spur a reader to study magic in an effort to complete the incantation. At the culmination of your obedience, cast any spell or spell-like ability or activate a spell completion or spell trigger magic item. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on concentration checks.
Exalted Boons
1: Arcane Essence (Sp) mage armor 3/day, mirror image 2/day, or fly 1/day
2: Wand Mastery (Su) Up to three times per day, you may apply any one metamagic feat you know to a spell you cast from a wand by expending a number of extra charges from the wand equal to the number of increased spell levels from the metamagic feat.
3: Pure Magic Aura (Su) You radiate an aura of the pure essence of magic. You can use this ability a number of rounds per day equal to 1 + 1 for every 4 Hit Dice you possess (maximum 6 rounds). These rounds don’t need to be consecutive, and you can activate and deactivate your aura as a free action. You and any allies within 20 feet of you increase your caster levels by 1d4. Roll this die when you activate this ability and use the same value for all who gain this benefit. The increase affects spell qualities (such as duration and number of targets) that rely on caster level, as well as caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance. The bonus caster levels don’t grant higher-level spell slots or cause the recipients to learn new spells.


N God of Hunting and Animal Life
Obedience: Run for one hour in the wilderness, chasing and killing the first prey you find. Utilize every part of the prey’s body, or preserve it for use at a later date. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Survival checks.
Exalted Boons
1: Wild Ally (Sp) charm animal 3/day, animal aspect 2/day, or badger’s ferocity 1/day
2: Skilled Hunter (Ex) Gain the pounce ability.
3: Nature's Companion (Ex) Your animal companion develops greater combat prowess, mental acumen, and protection against natural elements. First, your animal companion gains a +1 bonus to its Intelligence and Wisdom scores. Second, your animal companion gains a +2 sacred or profane bonus on attack and damage rolls. Third, your animal companion gains a +4 sacred or profane bonus on all saving throws against cold, electricity, and fire spells and effects. If you don’t have an animal companion, you instead gain the ability to use summon nature’s ally VII as a spell-like ability once per day.


LG Goddess of Community
Obedience: Light a fire in a hearth. Pray over the fire as you write a blessing for your village, town, or home. If no hearth is available, give 7 silver pieces to someone in need. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Diplomacy checks.
Exalted Boons
1: Community Guide (Sp) bless 3/day, shield other 2/day, or create food and water 1/day
2: Civilization Builder (Ex) Gain Leadership as a bonus feat. If you already have Leadership, add your Wisdom modifier to your leadership score in addition to your Charisma modifier to determine the number of followers you gain.
3: Warrior of Peace (Sp) Once per day, you can affect a creature struck by your weapon with the suggestion spell using your Wisdom modifier to determine its save DC, but the only suggestion you can make is to stop fighting and begin negotiating terms for surrender.

Dol Arrah

LG Goddess of Honorable Combat, Self-Sacrifice, and the Sun
Obedience: Make a detailed plan of today’s agenda, keeping in mind honor and proper strategy while you do so. In addition, go for a walk at sunrise for one hour. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on saves against mind-affecting effects.
Exalted Boons
1: Morning’s Radiance (Sp) sun metal 3/day, flaming sphere 2/day, or daylight 1/day
2: Valorous Smite (Su) If you have the smite evil class feature, you gain an extra use of that ability per day. You add the levels of sentinel to your paladin levels when calculating the extra damage dealt by your smite. If you successfully deal damage with your smite, your target must succeed at a Will saving throw (with a DC equal to 10 + your Charisma modifier + 1/2 your Hit Dice) or be stunned for 1 round plus 1 round for every 4 Hit Dice you possess (maximum 6 rounds). Once a target saves against this stunning effect, it is immune to the stunning effect from your holy smite for 24 hours.
If you don’t have the smite evil class feature, instead you can, as a free action, single out an outsider with the evil subtype or an evil-aligned dragon you plan to vanquish. Against this target, you gain a +2 sacred bonus on attack rolls and a sacred bonus equal to your sentinel level on damage rolls. The bonuses remain until the target is dead or you use this ability again, whichever comes first. If you choose a target that is not one of the listed creature types, the ability is wasted. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum once per day).
3: Heaven’s Aid (Sp) Once per day as a standard action, you may summon a shield archon to aid you. The shield archon follows your commands perfectly for 1 minute for every Hit Die you possess before vanishing back to its home in Heaven. The shield archon doesn’t follow commands that would violate its alignment, however, and particularly egregious commands could cause it to attack you.

Dol Dorn

CG God of War and Strength At Arms
Obedience: Engage in intense physical exercise for one hour, saying prayers for strength and skill to Dol Dorn while you do so. Gain a +2 sacred bonus on Climb and Swim checks.
1: Power Magic (Sp) enlarge person 3/day, bull’s strength 2/day, or keen edge 1/day
2: Enhance Weapons (Sp) Once per day, you may cast lead blades on a number of weapons within 30 feet of you up to your level. This spell lasts 1 round per level.
3: Strong Arm (Ex) When wielding a one-handed weapon, treat it as a two-handed weapon for the purpose of the Strength bonus you add to its damage and the damage bonus from Power Attack. When wielding a two-handed weapon, add double your Strength bonus to its damage rolls instead of one-and-a-half times your Strength bonus, and double your bonus damage from Power Attack instead of adding 50% to it.

Kol Korran

N God of Trade and Wealth
Obedience: Count your coin three times, making sure to get an accurate number. Then leave one gold piece on the ground for someone to find. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Appraise checks.
Exalted Boons
1: Trader’s Tongue (Sp) comprehend languages 3/day, resist energy 2/day, or tongues 1/day
2: Journeyman (Ex) You ignore all nonmagical difficult terrain. You are still impeded by any magic that hinders your movement.
3: Master Tradesman (Sp) You may use discern lies at will.


NG Goddess of Luck and Plenty
Obedience: Cook a meal for your friends, allies, and anyone who wishes to partake. Gain a +1 sacred bonus on all saving throws.
Exalted Boons
1: Luck’s Blessing (Sp) entropic shield 3/day, mirror image 2/day, or blink 1/day
2: Fortune Aplenty (Ex) Up to three times per day, when you roll a natural 1 on a d20, you may reroll the die. You must take the second result.
3: Communal Table (Sp) Your devotion to caring for your community allows you to evoke Olladra’s divine bounty to feed your friends with a banquet of cooked game and simple beverages. Once per day, you can use heroes’ feast as a spell-like ability. Creatures that eat from this communal table, a process that takes 1 hour, gain a +2 sacred bonus on attack rolls and Will saving throws instead of the usual +1 morale bonus. Whenever you cast this spell, choose one teamwork feat; you may select a new feat every time you cast this spell, but once it’s cast, your selection can’t be changed. Anyone who eats from the communal table gains the benefits of the chosen teamwork feat. The benefits of the heroes’ feast, including the bonus teamwork feat, last for 12 hours. A character doesn’t need to meet the prerequisites for a teamwork feat granted through this ability.


NG God of Crafts, Industry, and Fire
Obedience: Craft an object. Use a forge if available; if not, anything will do. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on all Craft checks.
Exalted Boons
1: Fires of Industry (Sp) burning hands 3/day, heat metal 2/day, or flame arrow 1/day
2: Hammer and Anvil (Ex) As long as you wield a warhammer, you ignore a number of points of hardness equal to your level; you also ignore any damage reduction based on a type of metal such as adamantine, cold iron, or silver.
3: Master of Crafts (Sp) You may use major creation up to three times per day.

The Path of Light

LN Force of Positive Energy
Obedience: Meditate on your spirit for one hour in complete silence and under bright light. If the silence is broken, you must start over. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Autohypnosis checks.
Exalted Boons
1: The Mind’s Eye (Sp) see alignment 3/day, see invisibility 2/day, or arcane sight 1/day
2: Repair the Damaged Body (Su) Up to three times per day, when you can cast a conjuration (healing) spell with a range of touch, treat it as having a range of close instead.
3: Spiritual Strikes (Ex) Add your Wisdom bonus to your attack and damage rolls with unarmed strikes.

The Undying Court

NG Ancestral Guides
Obedience: Name all of your ancestors on both sides of your family for at least seven generations back. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Knowledge (History) checks.
Exalted Boons
1: Wisdom of the Ancients (Sp) detect undead 3/day, augury 2/day, or aura sight 1/day
2: Strike the Unrestful (Su) As a free action, you can grant the ghost touch weapon special ability to a weapon that you hold. If that weapon is not magical, it is considered magical while under the effect of this ability. This ability affects only weapons held in your hand; if you drop the weapon or give it away, the effect ends on that weapon. You can affect a weapon in this way a number of rounds each day equal to 1 + 1 for every 4 Hit Dice you possess (maximum 6 rounds). These rounds don’t need to be consecutive.

3: Consult the Court (Sp) Up to once per week, you may magically contact the Undying Court to answer your questions. This functions as a contact other plane spell to contact a being from the plane of Positive Energy, except with no chance of ability score decrease and any lies rolled are counted as true answers.


  1. Very nice. Any plans to do obediences for the Dark Six?

    1. Yep, I plan to cover the Dark Six, Blood of Vol, and Dragon Below in a future installment.